vrijthof maastrciht internationale vrouwendag 2020

8 March is International Women‘s Day. It is a day to take over the streets to strike and to fight for our rights and against oppression.

From Berlin to Amsterdam, from Washington DC to Barcelona, from Nairobi to Melbourne, to right here in Maastricht – women and queers all over the world are saying: We have had enough! Let‘s show the world that we won’t get along with this system anymore.

From sexist jokes to hurtful comments about our bodies, from anti-abortion laws to daily committed femicides – women and women’s rights are constantly under attack. As right-wing parties and anti-feminist opinions gain more and more ground, we have to get organised and resist, to fight for a world in which everyone is equal and all genders are welcome. In this struggle we align ourselves with larger resistance movements striving for social and political justice, including resistance movements against racism or environmental movements. We believe in what Angela Davis once said: Racial, economic, and gender justice are inextricably connected; one is not possible without the other.

We are discriminated against, oppressed in patriarchy and exploited in a capitalist system. Women are not only working in the so-called productive labour jobs, often for less money than men but also do hours of care work each day, which is made invisible and unpaid. We provide emotional support for family, friends, partners, and colleagues. We work in low-paid jobs in the cleaning sector, as midwives, as saleswomen, as accountants, as teachers. Whether we work with a pen, a wrench, a computer, a broom in our hands, whether we get paid for it or not – we are all workers. In fact, the sustainability of life rest on the shoulders of women, especially certain sectors of women. If we stop, life falls.

Decades of neo-liberalism, one economic crisis after the other, austerity, cuts, and precarious working conditions often affect women and queers the most. Therefore our objective cannot simply be to make reproductive work visible and to strive for better representation in this system, but to push towards a radical transformation of the societal structure.

Let’s stay united as women, as queers, as workers, as students to defeat capitalist patriarchy. Join us on Sunday, the 8th of March at the Vrijthof! We will start with some speeches, and afterwards we will march for solidarity with women all over the world. In accordance with the theme, you are encouraged to wear purple.
Bring your friends, colleagues, parents etc…Men are welcome to the protest to support our demands. Women and queers are encouraged to walk in the front.

We are aiming for an inclusive space, in which everyone feels safe and welcomed. There is no room for sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia or any other form of discrimination.

Datum: zondag, 8 maart 2020
Tijd: 14.00 uur
Locatie: Vrijthof, Maastricht
Entree: gratis

Georganiseerd door: Amnesty Internationale Maastricht